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No machines,
no chemicals.

Handspun with the "pushka", naturally dyed using only vegetables and minerals, ethical and sustainable alpaca yarns. Made one by one, each thread is slightly different from the other, which makes the garnment completely unique.

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It takes 3 days to make 1kg of yarn using the traditional tool "Pushka".


At the moment, we have 31

pushka weavers working with us.



There are 18 alpacas living happily and free in our Sorroca Farm.

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Only andean women still know how to make alpaca yarns using the "pushka" weaver. By supporting these local artisans, we rescue and promote their millenary culture. ​​The process is completely handmade and natural, ​which means that every thread ​is slightly different from the other, making it totally unique.

Everything we do is 100% natural, just like the Incas did it. By using their dying techniques, we're not only maintaining their tradition alive, but also helping to build a more sustainable future for us all.